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FTC’s New Part 255 Endorsement Requirements Under 16 CFR Part 255

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Our expert attorneys can help you comply with the FTC’s new Part 255 endorsement requirements. Part 255, located at 16 CFR Part 255 of the FTC’s regulations, now requires bloggers to disclose whether they have a material connection to the advertiser whose products they endorse.  The new regulations also require bloggers to disclose the results that customers can expect to receive if they include testimonials in their advertising.  Celebrity endorsements and the use of surveys in advertisements are also heavily regulated, and certain disclosures must also be made depending on the relationship between the endorser or researcher.  If you seek advice on how to comply with the FTC’s new Part 255 requirements, contact one of our expert Part 255 endorsement attorneys today toll free at 866.936.7447.